4 Oct

this photo will be good at wordpress but if she didn’t look Nice hear how can i make it famous i love this pic but i really want it to be famous



16 May

marouane his name 

he is the guy who  il love

I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, Alan Bradley

16 May

good good job

Books, j'adore

Although I had planned to spare you all another Flavia deLuce novel review, I felt moved to write about this one (the fourth in the series) not because I liked it better than the others, but because it uses an interesting device and I wanted to talk about it. This is Bradley’s Christmas book, and he chooses to bring a huge number of characters (a film crew and half the town) to the deLuce family home (a dilapidated country estate called Buckshaw) and then traps them there with a massive snowstorm that knocks out phone lines and makes roads and even footpaths impassable. Murder, of course, ensues, and the whole story is played out, not just on the property, but within the manor itself.

I don’t think this idea appeals to me strictly because I was sick for over a week and “trapped” in my own small home, although I…

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don’t say is goodbye

13 May

keel me , make me cry

but please don’t say is goodbye

i hear than the best in love 

is his torment okay that’s alright

okay that’s fine but please don’t 

say is goodbye 

cause that really broke my heart 

don’t say is goodbye

when i deffenily need you

when i peered to  find you

so please don’t say is good bye

please don’t say it dear

i can’t without thinking

about you babybabyyyyy



don’t say is goodbye



On Sexual Submission Revisited

3 May

i don’t understand what you talking about it but it is soks

Sticky Note: Crap! I forgot the beer

3 May

you wrote a good blogs

The X-Files Revisited: Season 1, Episodes 7 – 8

3 May

you have a great blog

Funk's House of Geekery

“Ghost in the Machine” S1E7

One of the more charming elements of rewatching The X-Files is seeing the technology that they are using. The computers are practically dinosaurs, which makes this episode stand out even more. “Ghosts in the Machine” is about a software company whose building is controlled by a COS (Central Operating System). In essence, the whole building is a computer with everything from the water to phone system being controllable from a main hub.

The main hub is an artificial intelligence created by a geek turned business man, Brad Wilczek (played by Rob LaBelle). Because this AI can control the whole building, whenever Mulder and Scully or anyone really tries to investigate, the building becomes a haunted mansion. Things work and move all on their own. It mirrors a technophobia that has certainly defined science fiction and horror for quite a long time.

Wilczek created a virus…

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